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Okay, so we are happy to report that we are making friends, YAY! I posted about making friends here and although we are making new friends, lately I’ve realized just how annoying we really are!

When it comes to food, I don’t think that we are outrageously picky but there are definitely a few things that I cannot choke down no matter how hard I try. And trust me, I’ve tried! It makes me feel so rude when somebody asks me if I like something that I really truly do not like and I admit my strong dislike to them. It makes me feel so very, very rude.

This seems to be reoccurring a lot lately and I cannot help but feel like we are the most annoying new friends EVER! Our new friends (whom we very much like) invited us to go for sushi with some of their other friends… well, John absolutely detests sushi so we passed. And then not even a week later, they ask us how we feel about Bloody Mary’s… I CANNOT stand tomato juice. I have trust issues with tomato juice. When I was a kid, I poured myself a cup of juice… I gulped it down so fast and then when my tastebuds kicked in I almost threw up all over the kitchen floor. I thought I was pouring myself fruit punch, when in fact it was actually tomato juice… since then, I have never been able to drink the stuff ever again.

I’m worried that we are coming across as the picky and snooty kids who push food around on their plate… and I don’t want to be those annoying friends! But what are the chances that the same people ask you two times if you like something and BOTH those times you don’t!? WE ARE SO ANNOYING…

I didn’t know what to do, so I sent her a list of foods that we don’t like because I was terrified if she asked us a third time she would stop being friends with us annoying people. So I apologized and sent her this list:

– Fish (John thinks it tastes the way it smells… my goal in life is to change this guy’s mind and to enjoy the deliciousness of the fishy world)
– Tomato Juice (see above story)
– Horseradish
– Blue cheese
– I cannot stand mayo or mustard
– (I forgot to mention that I also cannot stand fake cheese… Cheeze Whiz, Space Cheese, etc)

I would be mortified if they ever had us over for lunch one day and made us fish sandwiches that were marinated in horseradish, topped with blue cheese, and soaked with mayo and mustard. Oh my gosh, can you imagine?!

Other than those few items, we will eat and or drink anything! We aren’t jumping on the “gluten free” and “dairy free” trends (yeah, I called them trends… you bandwagon hoppers! Have a bagel with cream cheese already… (except you, Jeff, I know you are the real deal) (how many rules am I breaking by having brackets within brackets… it’s like math class all over again!)) We aren’t vegetarians or vegans or any of those… we just don’t like a few things, that’s all! Isn’t that normal? Or when you’re an adult are you supposed to like absolutely everything? I missed that part of adulthood if that’s the case…

Whenever somebody asks me what I like to drink, my response is “everything” because it’s true… or so I thought. I like vodka. I like beer. I like wine. I like red, white, rose, bubbly. I like rum. I like rye. I like drinks that put hair on your chest, as well as drinks that taste like rainbows and butterflies. But now because of this experience I now know to say “everything, except tomato juice (and Clam in Canada… gross)”.

I wasn’t sure of the proper etiquette to enlighten our new friends of our “list”… so I panicked and blurted out a list in good ol’ text fashion. What’s the proper way to handle this situation? Are you supposed to lie and just become bulimic all of a sudden? Is there even a proper way? Enlighten me, lovelies, please enlighten me…


We are seriously so annoying… but we are FUN! Not to mention that we wear matching T-Shirts!

Do you have a list of foods that you cannot stomach for the life of you? If so, how do you tell new friends said list?

Enjoy Life, my lovely, and please hold that tomato juice!

14 thoughts on “We Are The MOST ANNOYING New Friends EVER

  1. Haha!! I’m glad the friend search is working out!! I could probably benefit from making some good girl friends instead of sharing all

  2. OMG! I always hit send too soon!! As I was saying, I should make my own friends instead of sharing Aaron’s! But I’m always on some kind of competition diet/training routine so lunch and dinner dates are out…oh and I’m always broke so shopping trips are out too. You thought you made an annoying friend. Try being the girl who only wants to go for coffee dates or hikes!! Haha!

    • I like coffee dates and hikes 🙂
      Thanks for reading and commenting, and you get 1,000 points for having such dedication to maintain your lifestyle – I always look forward to seeing your new pics!

  3. I can’t do sushi either. I’ve tried, then tried again- and it’s still a NO. I however won’t pass up a drinking social! If they are serving something I don’t care for I offer to bring something I like (like mimosas…..😊 mmmmmmm) and a munchie- so they know I’m down to hang out, but I’m not into whatever concoction they are pouring.

    You guys sound like a blast to hang with!

    • Why thank you, Nicole! Now, that is a good idea… I will remember this and tuck it away in my memory corner!

      You sound like a blast too – who doesn’t love mimosas!?

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. You know, I’ve never met someone who took offence to a casual “No thanks, I’m not crazy about (insert food here)”. Its if you start getting really passionate about it (“God no, I hate (whatever)!”) or start on some rant about how said food is terrible for human consumption (“I don’t eat (gluten, meat, non organic, etc) because it causes (cancer, rickets, baldness, etc)”) that people will start looking at you sideways. If you just mention it and move on, without elaboration, acting like its not a topic worthy of conversation, most folks are pretty understanding; especially if you make the effort to find common ground afterwards.

    • Good point, good point… I wonder if there are actually people out there who believe that gluten causes baldness? I’m going to look into this.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. You all are so cute! Bologna is a food I refuse to eat…and I’m not picky

  6. You guys aren’t very picky. Trust me. I know some people who are truly picky. My wife only likes boneless chicken breasts – NOT conducive to grilling! Have you tried California rolls? They are cooked – no raw fish.

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