The best things in life aren't things at all

A “Lovely” Surprise


Is there anything better than getting a surprise package in the mail?! (Now, my smart lovely, that was a rhetorical question so I do not expect a list of things that are better than a surprise package in the mail) (However, if you have plenty of time on your hands, please do send a list of things that are in fact better…)

After our fave hooligans left to go back home to Canada after an incredible visit that you can read about here (or just look at pictures), I was feeling a little bit sad. I had gotten accostomed to having people around me all day and night! I had gotten used to having funness surround me! But inevitably, the crazy cats had to go home to Calgary and reality set in again… maybe I was a little bit homesick!?

UNTIL….  in the middle of all the bills and boring stuff that normally comes in the mail, I noticed a brown squishy envelope addressed to ME! From a friend from back home! From a friend who I had always loved spending time with, but for some reason we didn’t spend tons of time together! I was both surprised and excited to see her name as the return address.

I tore that baby wide open! Inside I found a beautiful Kate Spade post card with the most lovely message on it that left me utterly speechless, touched, warm and fuzzy feeling, and loved… Her message was totally unexpected and not only was I completely surprised, but also taken aback (in the best way possible!)

She wrote on to tell me that she loves reading my blog and she looks forward to it every single day. She told me that I am an inspiration to her and that what I say resonates with her. She thanked me for inspiring her! ME!? She told me that she admires what we have done and that she enjoys reading about our journey.

After I read her beautiful post card, I found a beautiful Stella & Dot necklace that she had made for me… and on this necklace, there was one word that she had engraved. What was that word? Well, my lovely, it was “lovely”. Cue “awww” from audience… Tender, right!?


Tell me, would that not have tucked at your heart strings!? I went on and on to John for the whole evening about how kind, sweet, nice, thoughtful, etc, etc she was and even now as I am typing this I have a smile on my face. I immediately texted her thanking her for her sweet surprise, but I feel that she deserves her own special, “public” shout out for making my insides ooey n’ gooey!

So thank you, Mrs. You Know Who You Are, thank you so very much. I appreciate the post card equally as much as the necklace. I appreciate the thought of you even sending me anything at all.

Whenever I wear my necklace, I will think of you and smile.


Thank you, Lovely 🙂

Enjoy Life,

8 thoughts on “A “Lovely” Surprise

  1. Super cool…but this does not surprise me that you have friends just as “lovely” as you are!

  2. You are the sweetest! I’m so glad you liked it :o)

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