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A Letter To My Thighs


Dear Thighs,

First of, I would like to apologize to you. I am sorry for whispering behind your back and saying those hurtful things. You’re right, at first I was sorry to have been caught saying them, but now I really am sorry for saying that I wish I could have the very desired “thigh gap”.

I have come to my senses over the past few years and I am sorry for ever thinking such absurd thoughts. I understand now that you have such a bond with each other and how could I ever wish for you to part ways?! You two are the best of friends and have such a strong bond with one another and I am ashamed that I tried to ruin it. How could I ever want to ruin such a physical and emotional bond!? I’m sorry.

You have stuck together through almost 30 years and I am disgusted with myself for wanting to separate you two. I know that you guys keep each other company, that you tell each other secrets. I know that you cuddle ands snuggle one another when comfort is needed. You two are soul mates, you two deserve one another. The love between the two of you is so strong and fierce that it is often envied by many.

My dear thighs, I love you just the way you are. Through thick and thin, come hell or high water, I guarantee you that you will never, ever have to part.


With Utmost Love,

My lovely, did you ever fall victim to the “thigh gap” tornado?

Enjoy Life!


41 thoughts on “A Letter To My Thighs

  1. Ha, ha! I love this entry, Lisa. Great stuff!

  2. As long as your knees don’t touch when you walk, you’re good!

  3. You’re hilarious! 😉

  4. That was simply wonderful! Made me grin and definitely relate. Granted my thighs are a great bit larger than that picture, and have enjoyed each others company a lot longer, lol.

  5. My dear friend! You can’t even imagine how much thankful I am for that post. Your words touch me to tears. Awesome!!!

  6. Is this an ode to “crotch biscuits”?

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  8. I still remember when a perky size 0 university roommate stood in front of a mirror and in horror – yelled to the rest of us (of the thigh-touching variety) – “oh my god my thighs touch”.

  9. This is awesome! 🙂 Good for you. Happy endings are just lovely aren’t they! 😀 Good luck friend. Happy blogging.

  10. As a teenager and into my 20s I had a thigh gap. I didn’t appreciate it – I thought I had bandy legs and was just fixated on wanting bigger boobs. My thigh gap has now gone – mostly I’m not bothered, apart from on a hot day and things get sweaty when bare-legged.
    Marilyn Monroe didn’t have thigh gap and still thousands of men lusted after her.

  11. Found my way over here from Sass n Balderdash. This was too funny and your thighs look great, ma’am. Crap, can I call you ma’am or is that insulting? There are so many rules with women and you’re all different. The thigh gap may be the dumbest thing ever found desirable in the history of womens’ body whatevers ever! Lol. Okay then, have a great weekend.

    • If you compliment my thighs, you can call me anything you so desire (including ma’am). I’m from Canada, we are friendly.

      It makes me happy to hear from a man that the thigh gap may be the dumbest thing ever!

      Thank you for stopping by and the comment, you are welcome at any time 🙂

  12. I love this. Still trying to get over the whole thigh gap thingy.

    I can totally relate

  13. omg this was so funny!!!! needed to laugh today. (well that’s everyday) this was perfect. thanks for the break in my day 🙂

  14. You should see some of the conversations I have with my belly (gut or stomach). “I told you that you couldn’t grow anymore! Get back in there!” but he never listens.

  15. holy hell, i found my blog doppelganger. i tend to write to my bladder though. i miss it and they way it used to let me run around. sigh. good times.

  16. Dear L,
    You are forgiven. I didn’t even know what “Thigh Gap” was until this spring when my 19 year old niece enlightened me.
    Your loyal thighs!

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