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Summertime Madness, Summer Love, Summer Polar Vortex…. What the!?


I can’t help but notice the difference of headlines between the US and Canada… some are serious and some aren’t so serious. The weather is always a much talked about topic whether you are talking to your Grandparents, your co-workers, the lady at the Post Office, etc. It doesn’t matter who you’re talking to the weather will likely at one point be brought up.

One of the major differences I’ve noticed about the headlines here in the US are that some of them are just so dramatic! Over the weekend while I was preparing dinner the news was on in the background. I heard the news anchors compare the upcoming week’s weather with the much talked about “polar vortex” that took place this past winter… naturally, this caught my attention!


Being a Canadian, when I hear the words “polar vortex” I think of weather so cold that your face hurts. I think of air that blasts through your parka, scarf and toque that chills you down to the bone. I think of ice storms, of blizzards, of a snow tornado if you will. I think of your breath freezing right in front of you as you gasp for air because your body goes into shock that it is just so darn cold. Being from Canada when I hear “polar vortex” in July, I think that the igloos are going to be taking over, so this caught my attention.

The news anchors went on to discuss the summer Polar Vortex warning that the temperatures in the upcoming week would not quite be hitting 80 degrees (about 25 C)… that’s what the big stink was about!? A “cooler” week that with the humidity will still feel like a hot and sticky sauna? I still can’t seem to wrap my mind around these headlines…  I cannot believe that People, Time, NY Post, Yahoo News, Washington Post, Huffington Post, etc, are all talking about this Polar Vortex… so dramatic, I tell you!


This morning, while GMA was discussing the polar vortex they were warning people that “this morning people have been spotted wearing pullovers.”  This made me happy to hear that the igloos are not in fact taking over, but that there were a few people spotted wearing long sleeves this morning.

Stay easy, breezy and beautiful, my lovely! But not polar vortex breezy…

What’s the craziest headline you’ve ever seen?

Enjoy Life,

3 thoughts on “Summertime Madness, Summer Love, Summer Polar Vortex…. What the!?

  1. Henry Game likes this!!!!!!!

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