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My Love Letter to Magnolia Bakery


Dear Magnolia Bakery,

The very first time I met you, I knew.

I knew that you forever had me wrapped around your delicious, little finger.

I knew that my life would be forever changed.

I remember how you reeled me in… the moment I saw your baby blue sign. I tried to keep my distance, but the heart wants what the heart wants. You drew me in and as I walked through your front door for the very first time, I knew then that my life would never, ever be the same again…

I remember feeling like I was stepping right into a dream. A dream of perfectly iced cupcakes, and soft, chewy cookies with a small, old school bakery feel. And then, Mags, you dare devil… you asked me if I wanted to sample your banana bread pudding. Now, I have never been much of a pudding fan before, so I was hesitant at first… but my heart told me that you were different. That you weren’t like the rest of them. That there was something special about you…

As I tried your banana bread pudding for the first time, the creamy, rich and delicious flavors danced around in my mouth. You made me knees buckle. You made my heart skip a beat. You made my palms sweaty. I had to have more…

Ever since our very first time, my love for you continues to grow stronger and stronger. Thicker. Fiercer. You always leave me longing and craving for more… Just one more bite…

How can you deny such a love? Mags, you and I are destined for a life long love affair.

See you soon, my love, see you soon xo

My lovely, are you having a love affair with a certain, delicious something?

Enjoy Life,


7 thoughts on “My Love Letter to Magnolia Bakery

  1. Going to be so silly but I’m in a love affair with Yo! Sushi!!! I know it’s a massive chain but I just love it!

  2. Very creatively done! 😀 Love it!!!

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