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Does Size Really Matter?!


The age old question that never seems to die… The answer to this question gets debated back and forth with such controversy… And yes, my lovely, you guessed it… today I am going there!!!! I am going to talk about it, give you my opinion, maybe even paint you a pretty picture, so hold on tight because HERE WE GO!!!


My answer to this age old question only has two letters… and you guessed them ‘n’ and ‘o’!

Now is probably about the time to get your head out of the gutter, you sick perv, because you think you know what I am talking about, however you are oh so wrong. I know that you think that I’m talking about “that” and some of you were already excited to read what I was about to write, some of you were completely disgusted with me and have probably already stopped reading altogether by now, and then there were those who would never admit to wanting to read this, but secretly were pretty curious…

So if I’m not referring to “that” what the hell am I rambling about? Well I am going share with you my  journey of accepting myself the way that I am no matter what pant size I am. If you are so disappointed with this new topic, I understand if you quit reading, but I encourage you to come along for the ride, my lovely, the more the merrier! Stay tuned for tales from my double chin 🙂

Now, I’m not entirely sure at which point my mind was swallowed by society’s perception of what the perfect beach body was and how I so badly needed to obtain it to be a better person, but somewhere along the lines, it did. I think it was somewhere in my late teens or early twenties though. Throughout high school, I was always very athletic and active and never gave one thought as to what jean size I was because I truly did not care. That was such a wonderful feeling and I’m working on having that feeling back again.

I was never exactly a super scrawny rawny, nor was I obese, however I still was never happy with my body no matter what weight I was. I have always had a healthy lifestyle, I eat relatively healthy and also regularly go to the gym, however it didn’t seem to matter what I did or didn’t do, nothing was ever good enough. I would look at old pictures of myself and think to myself “man, I had a killer body back then… I wish that I appreciated it more back then, I would love to look like that again” and there were probably times that I said this to myself were I still looked the same… but when I looked in the mirror, the body I was looking at was not the body that I saw in old photos.

There was always something… too soft in one place, not enough muscle definition in another, etc… and I would focus only on that, I wouldn’t see the good parts. I used to frustrate my husband when we would take a picture together and force him to take another picture with me because I thought my face looked too fat in the first one. No matter what I ate or how hard I exercised, I was always able to find something to pick apart…

My poor husband has had to listen to me complain about how I look like a stuffed sausage in my jeans, how my body looked like a white whale in my bathing suit, etc, etc… and the poor guy endlessly told me how beautiful I was to him, but I wasn’t able to see myself through his eyes. (Much to his credit, he has never given up trying to make me see myself the same way that he sees me. And for that, I love him dearly.)

I’ve struggled for years with my weight, obsessing over it, shaming myself for it, and I have FINALLY come to realize that this bootylicious body of mine is the only one that I am ever going to get. I am 5’8″ and have been anywhere from a size 2 up to a size 10, and the size of my pants no longer controls me. I have somehow learnt to let go and to stop putting so much energy and attention on my own body image issues.

I’ve learnt that the size of my pants does not define me as a person. I’ve learnt that people aren’t going to talk about my body at my funeral, they are going to talk about what kind of person I was. I’ve learnt that I would hate for my own child to ever have negative thoughts about her body, and I that I need to ensure that she hears her Mom talk about how much she loves her body. I’ve learnt that my husband, family and closest friends do not give a single crap what size I am and that neither should I. I’ve learnt that people at the beach aren’t going to point and laugh at me, that they themselves likely have the same insecurities that I do. I’ve learnt that some years I will be a size 6 and some years I will be a size 10 and that is a-okay. I’ve learnt to accept myself the way that I am whether I ever obtain a “perfect” beach body or not. I’ve learnt that I would never in a million years talk to any other person the way that I talk to myself and that I need to start being nicer to myself.

I’ve learnt that I am a happier person when I allow myself to occasionally indulge and eat the white pasta with cream sauce, or to have a whole dessert all to myself. I am a happier person when stop I focusing on a caloric intake and outtake and just enjoy myself.
I’ve learnt not to let some symbols on a pair of pants define who I am as a person. I have learnt to fully accept myself and to own my bootlicious self no matter how licious my booty is that year…

I’ve learnt that my thighs will always be each others best friends, that they have such a strong bond that there is nothing that I can do to separate them. They keep each other company. They tell each other secrets. They cuddle and snuggle each other when comfort is needed. I’ve learnt that it’s okay if I’m never able to grate cheese off my stomach. It’s okay if my arms wave back at you a little bit when you wave to me… they are friendly and for that, I love them.

I’m more than the number says on the scale. I no longer allow that number to reflect who I am. I value so much more in this life than jeans that might be a little bit too snug. And that, my lovely, is why size does not matter.

Enjoy Life,

23 thoughts on “Does Size Really Matter?!

  1. I personally think a woman is most beautiful when she’s comfortable in her own skin. I often envy other women not by their body shape but how happy and smiley they are. Self confidence is the answer!

    • Couldn’t agree more!!! It’s been tough getting there, but I think I’m on my way 🙂
      I love people who makes other happy because their happiness is so infectious!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. You got it in one, Lisa. Love this post and the positive energy you exude from start to finish. Not sure if you realize you write so engagingly, with such clever post titles (le hook), that you should/could/hopefully will…write a book. I’d want to read it – without a doubt.

    And you’re right…size definitely doesn’t matter…goodness, it’s meaningless…unless you’re talking about that other matter…the one most people expected to read about when they read your post title. That matters…:) But I digress. (Embarrasses self…must log off for the evening.) Bad grandma.

    • Oh my gosh, I wish so badly you could see my giant smile right now… “Bad Grandma” you are hilarious!!!

      Thank you so much for your incredibly kind comment… You have just made my whole entire day and it’s only 8:30! If I ever do decide to write a book, you’ll get a free copy 🙂

  3. Good for you. Obsessing about anything isn’t healthy.

  4. It’s funny you wrote this because this has been forefront in my mind a lot lately. You’re so right – I would never talk to another person the way I talk to myself! Thanks for the post Lisa! Your optimism is infectious!

    • Thank you, Pam!! We are so harsh to ourselves for no good reason at all! No matter how big my butt is, my smile always stays the same size!

      Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂

  5. This was an amazing read! Absolutely loved reading this! You are amazing, and size will never change that!
    Much love,

  6. This essence of this topic must be in the air! I’m currently working on a piece similar to this! Enjoyed reading your post, as I have similar feelings/experiences about it! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. We are our own worst critics. And believe me, a healthy-minded male finds the natural, curvy female form beautiful. A lot of guys, myself included, think that women like Angelina Jolie look emaciated. And let’s face it – those women with the ripped, cheese grater abs could probably be considered a bit obsessive when it comes to diet and exercise. To each their own, but like you said, some of us like to enjoy food without worrying about how many calories are in everything we eat.

  8. Very true! Food is one of the great pleasures of life, obsessing about our appearance one of the great miseries. Seems easy once you learn to accept yourself and enjoy life. I like how the French do it, enjoy good food and wine and friends, and in the end low obesity and heart disease.

  9. Wonderful writing. Your words are so true. For the last couple of years I have worked very hard to get down to 155 pounds, my early years weight. I reached it once and couldn’t maintain it and have settled for 159 pounds and am very happy with that. Nobody cares except me which makes the whole exercise pretty foolish. I did lose 20 pounds along the way and that part is good. What it did do is make me aware and to exercise and eat better which is very important. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story! I love your line “nobody cares except me which makes the whole exercise pretty foolish” – Isn’t that the truth! Good on you for losing 20 pounds and getting healthier… that’s what it’s all about! I appreciate you sharing 🙂

  10. I love the flow. says so much about being original and loving yourself as you are, while you work to bring out the best in you.

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