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To Love Her Is To Know Her


Sometimes in our lives, we are lucky enough to meet people who you just know make the world a better place. Lucky for me, I have a few people in my life like that, but today in honour of her birthday (which was yesterday) I would like to introduce the blogging world to one of my best friends, Nicole.

I have known Nic for only three years and a half, but in those three years she has been one of the most influencial women in my life. I met Nicole at work, and we started off as co-workers. I was immediately drawn to this woman, not only from her pure beauty but she has an aura to her that cannot be described unless you are lucky enough to experience her presence firsthand. At first, I think she was a little bit hesitant to get to know me on a personal level because there is a decade age gap between us, but after a couple of months of carpooling together, we became friends. I had an instant connection with her son who would also carpool with us and we would ask each other completely random questions during the car rides… this is a great way to get to know somebody we soon discovered!

As time passed, we became friends at work and also outside of work. When I left my job for another opportunity, I knew that there were some coworkers who I would likely lose touch with, but I knew that the friendship between Nic and I went further than cubicles and water cooler chitchat.

Since knowing her, Nicole has been apart of each of the big moments in my life – from the good, to the bad. She has always been there for me as a sounding board, as a shoulder, as a support system and everything in between. She has watched John and I blossom from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife. She was with us the night we received an offer on the first home we sold together. At any milestone in the three years that I have known Nicole, she has been there.

Nic is a true lady. She is elegant, she is eloquent, she is classy and she has a heart of pure gold. She is one of the most thoughtful and kind people in this world. She always acts with integrity, always thinks of others ahead of herself, and has an ability to sooth and calm people with a few soft words and a gentle hug. She is so caring that there is not a word that is strong enough to describe her. She is an incredible wife to her amazing husband, and she is the most loving Mother a child could hope for.

Nicole has seen all sides of me. She’s seen the ugly cry, she’s seen the happy cry, she’s seen the frustrated and not so nice Lisa. She’s the kind of person who you aspire to be and who makes you a better person simply by knowing her. I think the song “To Love Her Is To Know Her” is actually written for Nicole. Without even knowing it, Nicole has taught me so many life lessons and for that I am forever grateful. When I question something that I’ve done or need advice from somebody, I know that she will tell me the truth. She will encourage me to follow my heart, to follow my dreams, to be different from the norm. And she will remind me that “it’s okay”.

When I think of Nicole, I am overcome with love and admiration. I have so much respect for this woman and I am so honoured that I am lucky enough to call her one of my nearest and dearest friends. Nicole has become family to me and I am ever so lucky to have such a special and remarkable woman to look up to for many years ahead of us.

Nicole is the kind of women that when you leave her home, you often leave with more than what you brought. She is such a giving person and it is obvious the joy that she receives from giving somebody something that she also enjoys. She wants to share her joy and her love with the world, but what she may not realize is is that she is already doing so every single day.


Happy Birthday, Nic! Thank you for everything, we love you xo

Lovelies, do you have somebody in your life that makes the world a better place?

Enjoy Life,

14 thoughts on “To Love Her Is To Know Her

  1. Absolute blessing to have good friends in our lives.. No matter where in the world we are or how long between calls I have a group of girls since my school days and we will never lose touch. Now everyone is starting to have babies and get married and travel it’s mad but just exciting new chapters for us all … Happy birthday to your bestie! X

    • Thank you! That’s amazing that you are still such great friends with your childhood friends, that’s so special to me. I love these mad, new exciting chapters in life 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Sounds like the right kind of friend. It’s nice that you appreciate her so much 😉

  3. You´re a lucky lady, how many people can I count as friends, truly friends I mean people you share a lot of you with them. Very little, and my guess is that it happens to the rest of humanity. So those few that get into the inner circle, better cherish them.

  4. We are all so lucky to have Nic in our lives!! She is amazing:-)

  5. I smiled through the whole thing because it reminded me of me and my best friend, I loved this!

  6. Hello my little one! I could not have described Nic better then you did. She is everything you said and more. We are very lucky to have her as a friend and we in turn are lucky to have you.

  7. Great and wonderful tribute to your friend. Thank you for sharing

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